Master of Counselling

Master of Counselling degree by coursework is designed to prepare individuals with a variety of counselling services to children, adolescents and adult through agencies, non-profit organisations, corporations and private practice. This master programme prepares competent, ethical, data driven, culturally responsive and passionate counsellors who become leaders in the profession and the programme is based on curriculum standards required by the Board of Counsellors, Malaysia.

Why You Should Register?

Master of Counselling by coursework at University Malaysia Terengganu is appropriate and fulfil the needs of counselling programs among East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia. Fully equipped outstanding counselling laboratories, competent lecturers from variety of specialization including career, family, multi-cultural and spiritual as well as conducive learning environment give opportunities for students to learn the theoretical and practical aspect of counselling.

This coursework program is a high prospect to be offered in Malaysia, particularly in Terengganu which opens the space to be selected in various sectors in public and private organizations.

Master Cousework

List of Core/Elective Courses and Credit Hours

Components Code Courses Credit hours
Core COU5100 Individual Development 3
COU5200 Counselling Theory and Psychotherapy 3
COU5201 Counselling Techniques 3
COU5300 Multicultural Issues in Community Counselling 3
COU5400 Group Procedure and Dynamics 3
COU5500 Career Development 3
COU5501 Career Counselling 3
COU5600 Psychological Testing in Counselling 3
COU5601 Individual and Group Assessment 3
COU5700 Research in Counselling 3
COU5800 Legal and Ethical Issues in Community 3
Practicum COU5997 Counselling Practicum 6
Internship COU5998 Internship 6
Elective & Dissertation COU5999 Dissertation 6

Admission Requirement

Candidates who wish to apply the Master of Counselling programmes must have the following qualifications:

Programme Duration

Full time: Minimum of four (4) semesters and maximum of six (6) semesters or;
Part time: Minimum of six (6) semesters and maximum of ten (10) semesters.

Fees Structures

Malaysians (RM) Non-Malaysians (RM)
Non-Recurring Fee


Recurring Fee




430 x 4 (sem) = 1, 720.00



1430 x 4 (sem) = 5 720.00

Tuition Fee

(Total Credit Hours)


300 x 48 (credit hours)

14 400.00

300 x 48 (credit hours)

14 400.00

Total 16 490.00 20 490.00


The UMT reserves all right to change the fee structure, rules fee and other charges at any time without prior notice.