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Master of Business Administration

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme at UMT is designed for students who wish to expand their knowledge and skills in the respective areas. Enrollments include practitioners from various industries and levels, which allow students to engage in critical discussions in the classroom.

More importantly for an industry-relevant degree such as MBA, several of FBESD lecturers have professional and industry experiences in the fields of accounting, business, finance and investments, and logistics, which further enhances the quality of our MBA via teaching and research.

Why you should register?


Cheaper program fees compare to other MBA Programs.


Weekdays (evening) or weekend classes. These classes are held at UMT Main Campus in Gong Badak, Kuala Nerus, Terengganu.

Real Business Simulation

The presence of emerging business leaders and executives in the classroom

Knowledge Enhancement

Integrated approach that combines core courses, elective courses and a project paper. Elective courses are offered according to the area of concentration such as Strategic Management, Marketing, Islamic Finance, Maritime Logistics and Transport; and Logistics and Supply Chain. For a MBA graduate, acquiring additional expertise in any of the specified area of knowledge will potentially open the door to career advancement and opportunities.


Experienced academic staff and also a member of various professional associations such as the member of Malaysia Institute of Accounting (MIA); Finance and Treasury Association, Australia; Chartered Institute of Marketing; Nautical Institute, UK; International Association of Maritime Economy ( IAME ); Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport ( CILT ), UK and Malaysia.

MBA Electives Courses

By completing the core courses, students are required to select one of the following four specialized elective courses:

Students can also enroll in a Project Paper (MGM 6999) elective course to do research in the related specializations above. For potential research supervisors, see our list of experts.The Project Paper course is especially beneficial not only for those who wish to pursue their PhDs, but also, to equip graduates with crucial knowledge of research in the relevant fields.

Admission Requirements

Programme Duration

There are two modes of study for UMT MBA (full-time or part-time), and the duration required to complete the programme depends on these modes:

How to Apply

For Malaysian Applicant

For International Applicant



MYR280.00 / credit (Malaysian),
MYR 420.00 / credit (Non-Malaysian)

1St Semester
(12 credits)

MYR 4,120.00 (Malaysian),
MYR 6,720.00 (Non-Malaysian)

2nd Semester & Subsequent Semester(s) (12 credits)

MYR 3,790.00 (Malaysian),
MYR 6,470.00 (Non-Malaysian)

MBA UMT at Putrajaya

In addition to the above information about our MBA programme conducted at UMT Main Campus, we also offer an MBA programme at Putrajaya. Click here to see our brochure about this programme and how to apply.