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Our Bachelor of Accounting programme is the first in the world that has Teaching Accounting Firm (TAF). Selected students will be undertaking attachment at TAF as part of their studies. These students will be placed at TAF as early as their second year study. With the industrial attachment runs hand-in-hand with the formal learning in class, the course structure of Bachelor of Accounting is in accordance to KPT’s 2u2i model (2 years university + 2 years industry).

Bachelor of Accounting 2u2i Programme in Brief

2u2i program is an academic program of 2 years at university + 2 years in the industry, which was introduced by the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) in 2016. This 2u2i program and also 3u1i (3 years at university + 1 year in industry) is part of the Education Development Plan Malaysia 2015-2025 (Higher Education) under Paradigm 1: Holistic, Entrepreneurial and Balanced Graduates. The implementation of 2u2i academic programs supports flexible education that aims to provide actual experience in related industries that become parts of the learning process. This program is an effort to improve the skills and employability of university students for the workplace.

2u2i model has been realized by the program Bachelor of Accounting, with the establishment of the Teaching Accountancy Firm (TAF) under the cooperation and UMT and Salihin (Chartered Accountants). TAF was officially established on December 29, 2015 with the signing of a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) by both parties. TAF concept is consistent with that of Teaching Hospital for medical students. At this time, TAF is the first in the world that serves as a hub to integrate students’ learning and training in the field of accounting.

In summary, the implementation of the 2u2i program for Bachelor of Accounting, UMT involve placement at TAF as early as 2 years of study. The students will undergo training which is carried out according to a predetermined study scheme. For the training component, there are five learning modules treated as elective courses and given credit hours. These modules cover the topics of accounting, tax & GST, audit, secretarial and advisory services. For the industrial attachment component, students must complete 120 hours of work in TAF related to these topics.

The first batch of students for TAF has been successfully implemented for Semester 1 2016/2017 academic session that involved 7 students. These students pioneered the improvement process of the implementation of TAF in UMT and can be the precursor to 2u2i program nationwide. The 2u2i Programme for Bachelor of Accounting, UMT has been successfully launched by Dato’ Seri Idris Jusoh, the Minister of Higher Education Malaysia on 13 February 2017. This event marks UMT as the first in Malaysia that implement 2u2i model for accounting course.

The implementation of 2u2i Programme for Bachelor of Accounting, UMT students is hoped to produce students who have holistic skills in accounting that includes both theory and practice. This program is also expected to produce more experts among the lecturers through the development and sharing of knowledge with the industry.


Teaching Accountancy Firm (TAF) in Brief