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The Master of Management (IZCM) is designed to enhance understanding in the issues related to coastal zone, environment and resource management. Our MQA accredited Masters of Management (MQA/FA6879) provides students with focused-ranging management of integrated coastal zone knowledge and skills alongside critical insight into how sustainable management is attained.

This program is designed for science and social science degree graduates and offers integrated knowledge in economics, environment, management, law and policy that related to coastal areas. Especially designed to give a comprehensive introduction to the major management disciplines with the niche area of UMT in managing coastal site, students will develop essential skills including critical thinking, problem-solving and collaborative working. The programme prepares students for diverse and exciting management positions in both public and private sectors.

Why you should register?

The fact that Masters of Management is, by design, a one and a half year program, provides students a unique opportunity to learn about socio-economic environment in coastal areas where hands-on practical experience are exposed through real projects and case studies. We create opportunities for students to build applied skills and insight, and offer enriching experiences from sites visits, educational trips for beach and island communities, lab works, organization visits, talks from industry speakers and workshops on various topics.

This coursework program requires candidates attending lectures and field work based on credit hours registered for each semester. During the final semester, students need to conduct a Case Study Project integrating 3 major components of analysis in Socio-Economics, Environment and Law & Policy in their study. Interestingly, this provides an important experience for conducting a case study based on any specific chosen location and issue in coastal zone management where sustainability issue is global.

Programme Objectives

It provides a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the management, economics and accounting basis of coastal zone management as well as to develop the skills necessary to work within this field. Among those fields for which the master’s programme prepares students are resource and land use planning, environmental impact assessment, consulting work, teaching and research.

Admission requirement

  • Bachelor degree with with CGPA 2.5 and above in sciences, engineering, economics, social sciences and management or;
  • Any other qualifications equivalent to the related field and/or have a working experience in related field or;
  • Other qualifications recognized by UMT

Programme duration

  • Minimum of three (3) semesters or eighteen months (18)  for full-time students or;
  • Maximum of ten (10) semesters or five (5) years for part-time students.

How to Apply

  • Application can be made online via http://gsea.umt.edu.my throughout the year.
  • Application will only be processed on receipt of full supporting documentation required.
  • All application received will be processed and successful applicants will be notified without delay.
  • Recommendations by two (2) academic referees (sealed) for students with degree other than that conferred by UMT.
  • Please include any other relevant documents e.g. Curriculum vitae, supporting letter(s) and professional certificates (if any).

For Malaysian Applicant

  • A certificate true copy of National Identification Card (NIC).
  • A certified true copy of complete transcripts of undergraduate degree courses and certificates.
  • Payments slip for application fee for the amount of RM25.

For International Applicant

  • A certificate true copy of International Passport.
  • A bank guarantee or sponsorship letter.
  • A certified true copy of complete transcripts of undergraduate degree courses and certificates. English translated copy of the transcripts must also be provided by the awarding university.
  • Payments slip for application fee for the amount of USD25.


  • Total fees for Malaysia students is around RM12,690.00 for the whole academic year where in average is about RM4,230 per semester.
  • the average fee for international students is about RM7,630 per semester as the total fee for all three semesters would be RM22,890.00 (USD5,437.05)*.

* Subject to currency rate